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Tomorrow, the Void

May 11, 2020

A reunion occurs behind closed doors.

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Created by Andrew Santoro and Kelsey Henry. Illustrated transcripts, bonus behind-the-scenes discussions, and more are available on our Patreon. You can also buy us a cup of coffee on Ko-fi.

Voices in order of appearance:

Charles Hubbell as Narrator

Rusty Diamond as Chris

Andrew Santoro as David

Janet Fogg as Jo Ann

Erin Farsté as Edie

Joe Cocozzello as Bobby Two-Hands

Yasin Elabdi as XO

Cover art by Robert James Algeo.

Intro Theme by Just Star Stuff.


Content Notes: Screaming. Swearing. Coughing. Discussion of illness and death. Respiratory problems. Mention of organ failure.